Enjoy your family vacations with Siheky, our friendly mascot. This Micronesia Kingfisher is ready to welcome you to our island paradise. Dressed up in red, white, and blue, our mascot is beloved by kids and adults. Keep an eye out for him roaming the lush grounds of our resort or making an appearance at the PIC Waterpark. Siheky has become an iconic symbol for PIC so make sure you snap a selfie to show everyone back home.

We created our PIC mascot, Siheky, to help increase awareness to this nearly extinct bird and promote the preservation of it in Guam and Saipan. Our subspecies of Sihek is found only on Guam. Today, there are about 100 endangered Guam kingfishers that remain as a captive population in the U.S. mainland and in Guam’s breeding facilities. There are plans to reintroduce the Guam birds back to their native range if protected areas can be established in remaining forest tracts on Guam. Other subspecies live freely in Palau and Pohnpei, and the Collared Kingfisher lives in the neighboring Mariana Islands.

The Story of Siheky

In a land far, far away a brave young bird started a journey.
He went by the name… Siheky.
He traveled far, and he traveled wide.
It got pretty lonely with no one by his side.
The journey was treacherous as there was no land that was near.
Afraid and alone, grew greater his fear.
He longed for a home, a place where he would belong.
To his surprise while flying one day, he heard this beautiful song.
It called out to him, this beautiful melody.
Of laughter and cheer, it was a place he had longed to be.
He landed on the grounds of the beautiful Pacific Islands Club hotel.
But this would just be the beginning of Siheky's long-lived tale.
Happiness and joy filled the air, The spirit of PIC drew Siheky near.
The people loved Siheky, and Siheky grew fond of them too.
Was this a dream or did Siheky's wish finally come true?
The people loved Siheky and as a mascot he was meant to be.
Siheky's presence was indeed a beautiful gift to PIC.
For a long time Siheky had searched for a place to call his own.
He was finally happy to find his nesting ground.
In his heart he knew PIC was his home.


  • Where does the Kingfisher live?

    The Kingfisher lives mainly in limestone forests but can also be found in mixed forests, and rarely in shrubbery on the northern plateau.
    It is also found in coastal vegetation or lakes with coconut palms.
    They also nest on telephone poles or telephone lines near the forest. Kingfisher usually hunts and eats fish, but it also eats lizards, insects, crustaceans, and frogs.
    The bird is so smart that it sits motionless in a large tree overlooking the ground and quickly comes down and snatches the prey from the ground.