Discover an unforgettable vacation by the ocean where you can soak in the feeling of ultimate relaxation and bliss while having the freedom to be yourself. Experience our extraordinary all-inclusive resorts in Guam and Saipan where you can enjoy your breathtaking oceanfront hotel accommodations, take advantage of the unlimited amount of recreational activities offered in our expansive waterparks, and savor delicious types of cuisines from around the world.


    Our two resorts are located in Guam and Saipan. At PIC Guam, there are over 70 recreational activities offered. PIC Guam boasts the largest waterpark on the island, which consists of two thrilling water slides, a kayak lagoon, a aquarium adventure (1 of only 8 in the world), Siheky & Sandy Splash Pool, a miniature golf course, an archery range, and so much more. PIC Saipan offers more than 40 recreational activities with a spectacular waterpark featuring a lazy river, an impressive Point Break Flowrider where you can ride the waves, giant water slides (some traveling more than 60-feet long), and various other pools.


    PIC’s Clubmates undeniably set us apart from any other resort and waterpark. Our international team of Clubmates are well-rounded entertainers and masters at the art of recreation who will be able to help you enjoy every activity under the sun. The Clubmates are known to be the ambassadors of fun and will make your vacation in Guam and Saipan a safe, comfortable, and unforgettable adventure! Their smiles will make you feel at home as you try snorkeling, paddleboarding, and windsurfing in our crystal clear waters.

A clean and safe resort


The PIC CARES program was developed in response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. The program is implemented in all our resorts. Protocols are in place under the PIC CARES Program to ensure heightened cleaning, sanitizing, and safety measures are in place.

PIC CARES is a program developed to ensure heightened cleaning, sanitizing, and safety measures are in place for all guests and employees. PIC CARES aims to provide comfort to all guests so travel can be enjoyed in a clean and safe environment.

◈ All properties are cleaned using hospital-grade disinfectants. All chemicals, cleaning products and procedures must meet guidelines set forth by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and local governments.